These are some of the amazing benefits of using
Arcade Pay.


The checkout process with our system is very simple and will only add one extra step for your cashiers.


You do not need to change your current credit card processor to use our system. You will simply use it in conjunction with your current system.


The only hardwear you will need is a tablet that that can run our program, and we can provide for you.


Our system focuses on customer experience and presenting opportunities to pay that were not there for them in the past.


We will be able to assist you with support during business hours.


With our virtual sales assistant, we want your business to be the as successful as possible so we will help sell your products for you.

Benefits of Arcade Pay…

We all talk about personalization of the retail experience but almost no one does anything about it. Arcade Pay is the first step to personalization of Discounts and Payment.

Arcade Pay is the customer’s interface to your store that you always knew was possible. Arcade Pay is the software that gives your customers the options on how they want to pay. This customization of the customer experience is a step beyond the concept of Retail on Demand. With Arcade Pay you are giving the customer the power to personalize their own discount on a future visit, and their payment to your establishment.

When you settle accounts at the end of a day, you can explore your data with our dashboard. Arcade Pay will feed it’s data to a SalesForce enhanced database which will allow you to customize and see your analytics and perform a particular analysis in just a few clicks. Arcade Pay helps you make an impact on your business with the adaptability of the platform. Arcade Pay has addressed this with our custom interface for Suggestive Selling. You can customize the allowable future discounts and soon, you will be able to suggest items that .