How arcade pay is implemented in your store is through our customer-facing hardware called PETRA. PETRA is a device that will be simple yet recognizable, PETRA will show your your customers you participation in our programs. With this we want to change how transactions are conducted and how businesses can run more effectively. The more transactions ran through the device, the more you will reap the benefits that Arcade Pay offers to you, and the more your customers benefit as well.

The PETRA Process

  • Customer chooses their payment method that they want to uses for their purchases, and that the merchant accepts. Cash, Card, Check, And Our Payment Method Arcade Pay.
  • Then if they choose Arcade pay they will be prompted to see if they want to use their tokens in there purchase and after that they will be asked what will they pay for the rest of the purchase.
  • After that they will be asked if they want to by a future purchase at a discount on the form of Tokens.
  • Lastly they will be prompted if they want to donate money to a local non–profit or charity

The PETRA system sits on your counter waiting for customer interaction. While idle PETRA runs advertisements for your store or partner companies. It is simple and streamlined for the customer to use. Either for the first time are the hundredth, the PETRA interface.

To settle electronic transactions through PETRA the merchants will be given access to a personal Freedom Choice dashboard powered by SalesForce. Through this dashboard you can settle accounts, manage PETRA, and customize the selective selling features.