What is PETRA...

PETRA is a customer facing interface that can revolutionize how you do business. This Patent-pending device allows customers to save money on their purchases while merchants on electronic transactions. How it works it it allows consumers to make purchases, gives them discounts at your store, and up-sell their purchase on products they would want. it also gives them the opportunity to make donations to local non-profit organisations active in your area. It is able to do all this while saving you cash and actively trying to earn you more money. 


Customer chooses their payment method that they want to uses for their purchases, and that the merchant accepts. Cash, Card, Check, And Our Payment Method Arcade Pay.

Then if they choose Arcade pay they will be prompted to see if they want to use their tokens in there purchase and after that they will be asked what will they pay for the rest of the purchase.

After that they will be asked if they want to by a future purchase at a discount on the form of Tokens.

Lastly they will be prompted if they want to donate money to a local non–profit or charity

How To Get Petra Today!

To receive your own PETRA VSA today you will need to setup an appointment for one of our sales agents on our Freedom Choice™ site. the PETRA system requires a specific hardware to have a comfortable and familiar experience for your customers. If you would like to find out all the way PETRA can help you, checkout our sister-companies below.

Freedom Choice


Freedom Choice™ is our membership rewards program. Find out how this rewards program can be used by the PETRA system and help bring in more customers, as well as, how to get your own PETRA today.

Arcade Pay


Arcade Pay® is our featured payment method to help that will help your business. Find out the Arcade Pay® can be used With the PETRA System and how to get yours today.

Cashless Exchange

ce-sq (1)

The Cashless Exchange is a barter system that you will have access to if you get your own PETRA system. Find out how this can fit into our other system and run you business for less.


Adjustable Stand

  • Bamboo
  • Walnut
  • Antique


More stands will be available soon.


More stands will be available soon.